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MCreator 1.4.7 for Minecraft 1.7.10 is here!

New update of MCreator is here. This update brings mostly bugfixes that will make you a day! For example - infinite recompile bug was fixed - no more waiting on :sourceMainJava. Another thing is that this version is 1.7.10 compatible. Once again - MCreator was the first mod making tool updated to the new version of Minecraft! And thats not all! Your mods from 1.7.2 can be updated to the 1.7.10 version!

Short news

Developer team is going on the vacation

Developer team of MCreator and Pylo is going on the vacation and won't be available for two weeks. Meanwhile we won't answer on bug reports and on the comments that often.

Thank you for your patience!

Updating to Minecraft 1.7.10

We have made a good progress on updating MCreator to the 1.7.10 Minecraft. We have also fixed the bug of infinite compile or compileMainJava MCreator stuck bug or whatever you call it :D. Stay tuned!

Mod of the week is 7 days to Mine!

Congratulations to the Nuparu00, who made this HUGE mod. This is really one of the most advanced mods ever made with MCreator. I can't even list everything it adds. You should try it yourself!

Mod of the week is ThingsNMore Mod

Congratulations to the MineCrafterWii, who made this interesting mod. It adds tons of insteresting items and blocks! A lot of ores, tools, weapons, dozens of foods and much more! It's the mod you just must have!

Summary of things that were added recently

In the past days, we have added a lot of interesting stuff. For example animation maker, texures for tx blocks on all sides, new tx block types, fixed a lot of bugs, removed last step of mod creation because it was pointless and much more. Hit read more to see recent changelog of thing that are going to be added with next update.

Modifications made using MCreator with the best rating

7 days to Mine [Alpha 1]


Dark-Roleplay W.I.P (Pre-Release)

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MCreator 1.4.6 - Another great update!

We are glad to announce the last update in the series of 1.7.2 MCreators. Now we are going to start with updating MCreator to the 1.7.10 but this is going to take a while and this is why we released this update. It is kind must have since it has a lot of bugfixes and also, false positive AV detections are now finally fixed. In this update, we have added item and block animations, custom item models, tons of new tx blocks, recipes with enchantments and done a lot of small improvements. Hit read more to see whole changelog, screenshots and to post your opinions on this update.

MCreator 1.4.5 - Block models and much more!

MCreator 1.4.5 Update, The best Minecraft Mod Maker

We are glad to announce new MCreator update - 1.4.5. This update brings a lot of great stuff like custom Techne 3D block models, armor and gun events, growapable plants, added search bars to a lot of lists and added new event condition - is block at - which will allow to make even more complex events.

One Click Minecraft Mod Installation Protocol

Developers of MCreator are glad to announce small and simple but yet great tool - One Click Minecraft Mod Installation Protocol or shorter OCMMIP. You might have already seen that modification pages have Install this mod button. To make it usable, you need to install OCMMIP manager that can be downloaded here. If you want to know more, what is OCMMIP and how to make own button, hit read more!